Third Term Newsletter 2017/2018 Session (Secondary School)

Third Term Newsletter 2017/2018 Session (Secondary School)

Vacation and Appreciation: I write on the behalf of the management of Adelayo Academy to officially announce through this medium that the 2017/2018 session ended today 27th July, 2018. We thank our wonderful and beloved parents for your candid support and cooperation with the school in terms of your payment of school fees, provision for your children and your positive appraisal of the school from time to time. God shall mercifully guarantee your safety and sound health, grant your heart desires, and replenish your financial expenditure on your children timely.

Resumption Date, Punctuality and School Fees: The school will resume on Monday 17th September, 2018 for the first term of the 2018/2019 academic session. To fully harness the academic activities for each day of the term, students are expected to be in school before 7:40am. We earnestly beseech our kind-hearted parents to assist the school in ensuring that your children arrive in time to the school. Also, we hereby politely encourage every parent to pay at the minimum 70% of your child school fees before resumption. Every student is expected to resume with tangible evidence of payment. Advance payment of school fees will enable the school to run smoothly and effectively, especially from the First Day of Resumption.

The School Dress Code and Hairstyle: Students are expected to appear in their normal school uniform on Monday, Tuesday and Friday on black shoes and plain white socks. Casual wear is slated for Wednesday on either black shoes or white canvass and plain black socks. The dress code for Thursday is sportswear on black shoes or white canvass and plain black socks. Every student is expected to conform with the stipulated hairstyle attached herewith for the first term of the new academic session. We enjoin all parents to purchase a unit of uniform for your children at the price of #6,000.

Song of Praise, Stationery and Textbooks: Availability of the necessary learning materials will provide the propellant for the requisite teaching and the attendant learning to take place and equally be effective. We appeal to our parents to provide the necessary learning materials for your children for the proactive learning and teaching to yield the desired results. Also, Song of Praise is mandatory for every student as from the first term of next academic session.

Boarding Requirements: All the boarding students are expected to resume for the new academic session with the necessary boarding requirements. Attached herewith are copies of the boarding requirements.

Inter-House Sports: The school’s Inter-House Sports will be coming up Second Term of the 2018/2019 academic session and in February precisely. Every parent is billed #5, 000 for this grand sports events. We solicit your cooperation in this regard.

PTA Meeting and Open Day: The school previous PTA meeting had left much to be desired considering the poor turnouts of parents for the meeting. We politely encourage our parents to attend the subsequent PTA meetings. The school’s next PTA meeting and Open Day will come up concurrently on Wednesday 10th October, 2018. In like manner, we implore parents to kindly honour the school’s Open Day which sole aim is to sustain viable academic standard and quality delivery. Parents are implored to come earlier for the Open Day before the commencement of the PTA meeting which will commence at



School Website: The students’ results will be posted to the school website at the appropriate time. Equally, vital information concerning the school will be relayed to our parents timely through this medium. The school website is

Holiday Assignment and Summer School: We hereby duly inform parents that your children have been given assignments in their various subjects. We need your cooperation in providing the necessary guidance, textbooks and encouragement for your children to do their assignments as well as read adequately at home while enjoying their Summer Holiday. The Summer School will commence on Wednesday 1st August, 2018. All relevant subjects will be taught and attention will be paid to the enhancement of vocational skills. Lessons will commence promptly at 9:00am and end 2:00pm each day. Every student is billed #5,000 covering all the relevant subjects and the vocational skills acquisition. Payment should be made on the First Day of registration for the Summer School.

Entrance/Transfer Examination Date: The next school’s entrance examination will come up on Saturday 18th August, 2018. Parents of prospective students should approach the school to purchase the entrance  application form.

              Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.